The Practice Launchpad 

Cold-starting can feel daunting.

There are a lot of steps along your journey from "dream" to "grand opening"! Luckily for you, 
Akrinos has the experience, process, solutions, and expert team to lead you through the entire process!

We'll be on the calls with your Realtor, bank, and contractor.

We facilitate vendor introductions and purchases with you.

We keep track of the progress and timelines and push things along with third parties as needed.

We have decades and decades of combined eyecare experience to lend insight where you need it.

And that's just the beginning!

Are you ready to make your future yours? We're ready to help.

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The Six Steps to Your Grand Opening

Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis

Quantify the financial requirements to get the doors open, project cash flows for the first 3 years, and conduct a feasibility analysis to see if this venture really is possible (hint: it probably is!) Includes: Capital Investment; Revenue & Expense Modeling; 36-Month Revenue Forecast; 3-Year Snapshot; Feasibility Analysis (answers to all of your “practice finance” questions!)

Strategic Business Plan

This is the blueprint for bringing your vision to a tangible reality. Your complete business plan composition to provide to prospective lenders and landlords to prove your practice's viability. Includes: Company Description; Products & Services; Market Analysis; Strategy & Implementation; Organization & Management; Financial Forecast &Feasibility Analysis.

Office Location & Buildout

We'll do a quantitative and qualitative geospatial analysis for optimal practice placement given local economic and demographic trends. After the budget has been established, we will keep an eye on the numbers as well as on the calendar, helping your project finish on time.

Technology & Practice Workflows

By working with our industry partners, the tech in your practice will impress! This is also time to establish standard operating procedures (SOPs) and utilize business solutions to maximize ROI, minimize overhead, and prevent headaches.

Team Recruitment & Retention

You want the best team out there and we help you with employee recruitment and onboarding and setting office policies, as well as establishing the structure for future evaluations, discipline, and termination. We'll also help you get comfortable in your new leadership role.

High-Velocity Launch

Our omnichannel marketing strategy helps you maximize scheduled exams and position your practice for high-velocity launch! 

Our approach warrants a high degree of engagement and communication via digital forms, email, phone, and virtual meetings. This is the only way we can deliver thorough analyses, reports, and action plans to ensure results through each stage of planning, development, and launch.

Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis

You’ve got an idea, let’s start by gaining clarity on the exact capital investment & cash flow projections for your venture…

Quantify financial requirements and project cash flows and conduct a feasibility analysis. Includes: Capital Investment; Revenue &Expense Modeling; 36-Month RevenueForecast; 3-Year Snapshot; Feasibility Analysis

Everything you need to feel confident in the financial feasibility of pursuing your dream of practice ownership!

The Steps...


After completing these steps, you will feel confident in the financial feasibility of practice ownership!

Strategic Business Plan

Now that the numbers make sense (your dream is financially viable!), we will collaborate to create a comprehensive roadmap of your vision, serving as the guiding light for the journey ahead...

Complete strategic business plan composition including: Company Description; Products &Services; Market Analysis; Strategy &Implementation; Organization & Management;Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis

Your vision, ideas, scope of care, and goals brought into focus, providing a clear path forward (and positioning you to secure third-party financing for your venture!)

The Steps...

By following this plan, you will develop a focused vision for your practice and a clear path to securing third-party financing!

Office Location & Buildout

With your budget and plan in place, let’s find and build the ideal offices suited to your vision, scope of care, & goals (and within your Master Budget!)…

Quantitative and qualitative geo-spatial analysis for optimal practice placement given local economic and demographic trends; inform office design based on your vision and scope of care you will provide; establish and oversee renovation budget.

You’ve now got the perfect space at the ideal location suited to your scope of care, constructed within your MasterBudget!

The Steps...

 Completing these steps will help you secure the perfect space at the ideal location--all within budget!

Technology & Practice Workflows

Your physical office is materializing, counting down the months to your opening, let’s set upthe processes best suited to delivering toplevel of care, delighting your patients, andensuring growth and efficiency in yourpractice (with minimal headaches!)…

Establish standard operating procedures that are simple and easy for training your personnel, utilizing innovative business solutions to prevent headaches, minimize overhead, and maximize ROI.

You’ve got processes, procedures, &workflows in place, now it’s time to hire and train your team!

The Steps...

 After you develop your office procedures, you'll have everything in place to be able to hire and train your team!

Team Recruitment & Retention

Your office is set up, processes are established, and now it’s time to build and train the team that will delight your patients, and help drive your operations& growth!

Comprehensive Human resources functions, including employee recruitment, onboarding, evaluations, discipline, office policies, and termination. Also included are physician recruitment, contract construction, and negotiation.

Your dream team is on-board, trained, &aligned with your vision. You’ve got the tools, resources, and guidance to lead and manage your team, and the policies are in-place to ensure you and your practice are protected!

The Steps...

Take these steps to assemble and train your perfect dream team, while also developing policies to protect yourself and your practice!

High-Velocity Launch

You’ve made it (yet it’s only just begun!)— what was once a dream, has come to reality, it’s time for your GRAND OPENING!

Implement an omnichannel marketing strategy to maximize scheduled exams, patient conversions, and referrals for a High-Velocity launch.

Your vision is manifested: CONGRATULATIONS on launching your private practice, and BEST WISHES for a prosperous future in practice ownership!!

The Steps...

With Akrinos by your side, you will be fully prepared to launch your own successful private practice!


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The Practice Launchpad includes the business solutions & advisory to plan, develop, & launch a thriving practice: 

  • Akrinos Business Foundations + localEyes Analysis
  •  The DIY Launchpad
  • Launchpad Pulse (unlimited sessions)
  • Credentialing with up to 5 Carriers
  • Professional Vision, Medical, & Specialty Service Fee Schedules
  • Optical & Materials Selection, Pricing and Merchandising
  • Dr. Reghetti Designs Office-Branded Healthcare Literacy Assets
  • HR for Health Employee Handbook, Resource Center & Hotline
  • Spexy+ On-Demand Training & Monthly Pro Tip Talk
  • EGDEPro by GPN Practice Analytics
  • BrightLocal Digital Analytics
  • The Practice Pulse (through your first 3 months open!)

The Practice Launchpad


List Price

Pay $2,999 to get started today with:
  • Business Foundations
  • Secure Funding
  • Finding your location
After funding is secured, you'll pay the balance over 12 equal payments while we accompany you through the entire process through planning, development, & launch: 
  • Office Location & Buildout
  • Equipment & Inventory
  • Technology & Practice Workflows
  • Team Recruitment & Retention
  • High-Velocity Launch
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From Vision to Reality: Business foundations for a thriving practice


There are a lot of steps along your journey from vision to grand opening and our modern solutions and expert team are here to lead you through the entire process!

In this hands-on solution, we're in your corner every step of the way, making professional introductions, monitoring contractor progress, and making sure this practice your building is set up for success!

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