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With a dedicated passion for independence, Akrinos provides sustainable solutions for the modern eyecare practice.

Whether you're looking to cold-start, purchase a "fixer-upper", or achieve goals in your established practice, our team is ready to implement sustainable solutions to bring your private practice vision to reality!


We understand the challenges that come with starting an optometric practice from scratch. That's why we provide comprehensive support, from strategic planning and location scouting to assisting with equipment procurement and marketing strategies, ensuring a smooth and successful cold start for optometrists embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.

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Simplifying the process of purchasing an optometric practice, Akrinos leverages industry expertise and a vast network to assist optometrists in finding their ideal practice. From guiding negotiations to facilitating a seamless transition, we ensure optometrists embark on ownership with confidence and ease.

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Akrinos empowers optometrists to modernize and grow their practices by offering innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs. From growing your online presence to increasing efficiencies, we equip optometrists with the tools and strategies necessary to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry and attract new patients.

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Why Akrinos?


Founded in 2021, Akrinos is on a mission to make the business of eyecare approachable, accessible, & profitable. Driven by this, Akrinos offers a suite of data-driven business solutions & strategic advisory empowering modern ECPs to start, grow, & transition a sustainable private practice.



Founders Story
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"Partnering with Akrinos is positioning me to achieve the highest level of success in my cold start."

"Honing-in on goals and unrealized opportunities, we are becoming more efficient, profitable, and focused. Akrinos brings value in ways I couldn't even have imagined."

"Akrinos provides me with the goals I need to begin my journey, and they are professional, knowledgable, and passionate about their work."

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Business foundations for a thriving practice.

Thinking about Cold-Starting or Purchasing a Practice?

Our clients of The Practice Launchpad and The 360 Transition have experienced:

  • 100% financing for their venture
  • A guided, step-by-step journey through the process
  • Access to best-in-class equipment and solutions at fair prices without buying groups
  • Patients on the schedule at grand opening

Looking for solutions, not just advice?


After a year of working with Akrinos, our Analyze.Strategize.Implement. clients see an average of:

  • 13% Total Revenue Growth
  • 12% Increase in Collections
  • 13% Exam Growth
  • 9% Revenue Growth per Patient

Past results are no guarantee of future performance

Cold Start

Solutions from $99/month

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Solutions from $350

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Solutions from $699/month

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