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Unlock your practice's full potential

Akrinos empowers your practice to thrive and grow with our comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. From optimizing inventory and enhancing patient experience to implementing cutting-edge technology and expanding specialty services, we provide the expertise and support you need to drive growth and achieve long-term success.


Stay in control of your practice's performance with The Practice Pulse. This powerful solution offers continuous monitoring of practice performance and digital analytics, on-demand training resources, and monthly strategy calls to keep you informed and equipped for success in optimizing your practice.

Price is for one location. Please reach out if you would like The Practice Pulse to monitor multiple locations.

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From $1800/month 

Achieve revenue optimization, efficient operations, and team success with Akrinos' comprehensive practice solutions. From RCM Kickstart and Optical Refresh to Talent Management and Business Foundations, our services cover billing, inventory, HR, strategic planning, and more, ensuring a thriving practice in today's competitive landscape.

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$350 USD

Gain immediate clarity and expert guidance with AkrinosNOW™. Our high-energy, results-driven team offers a focused 60-minute interactive session tailored to your specific need, providing candid feedback, actionable insights, and next steps to propel your practice forward. Get the outside perspective you need from industry experts through AkrinosNOW™.

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$2999 USD

Set a solid foundation for your practice with our integral products: Strategic Business Plan and Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis. Our Strategic Business Plan provides a comprehensive blueprint for your vision, including market insights. With our Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis, quantify financial requirements and project cash flows, with a 36-month revenue forecast. These tools secure funding, empower informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and drive long-term profitability for your practice.

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$2999 USD 

For aspiring private practitioners looking to acquire a practice or existing owners planning to bring in a partner or sell their practice, the 360°  Valuation is the crucial first step. This comprehensive assessment encompasses 17 sections, including industry analysis, financial forecasting, and valuation methodologies, providing an accurate estimate of the practice's fair market value. This report informs listing price, supports price negotiation, and provides the buyer with the analyses necessary to secure financing. 

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$1699 USD

Harness the power of DiSC Behavioral Assessments to enhance communication with both patients and teammates, fostering stronger connections and more effective collaboration. By understanding the behavioral styles of individuals, you can tailor your communication approach to their preferences, ensuring clearer and more impactful interactions, ultimately leading to improved patient satisfaction, teamwork, and overall practice efficiency.



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Power your Practice Growth

With The Practice Pulse, eliminate the guesswork from running your business with data-driven insights, business solutions and strategic advisory for the modern practice.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your practice.

The Practice Pulse features real-time analytics dashboards, monthly performance & digital analysis, LIVE monthly strategy sessions, on-demand training resources, post-call action items, and subscriptions to the most powerful business solutions in eyecare. 

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For buyers, sellers, and everyone in between

Are you thinking about selling your practice or considering adding an associate? The 360° Practice Valuation™ is your essential tool to assess the value of your practice accurately.

Our comprehensive report comprises 17 sections, including industry and regional overviews, financial statement reconstruction, valuation methodology, business value conclusion, and price justification.

With our 360° Practice Valuation™, you'll receive a robust estimate of the present fair market value of your practice. This valuable information will empower you to make informed decisions when it comes to listing your practice for sale, negotiating prices, or bringing in an associate. 

Take the first step toward your future plans by utilizing the 360° Practice Valuation™. Start preparing for a successful sale or associate integration, by establishing the true worth of your practice!

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Gain clarity and take action, NOW

When you need quick guidance or answers to pressing questions without committing to a full consulting program, Akrinos NOW™ is here for you.

Whether you're an established practice owner or an emerging private practitioner, our innovative, results-driven team provides clarity and direction through the Akrinos NOW™ consult.

Benefit from a comprehensive practice profile assessment, a 60-minute interactive session with our experts in your specific area of need, and a follow-up synopsis with actionable next steps, all aimed at delivering candid feedback and valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

When you require an outside opinion from industry experts, Akrinos NOW™ is the solution you need.

Unlocking Effective Communication

Do you feel like your team just isn't communicating with patients, and even with each other, the way you'd like them to?

Culture SHOCK™ harnesses the power of DiSC Behavioral Assessments to enhance communication with both patients and teammates, resulting in improved patient satisfaction, teamwork, and overall practice efficiency.

This solution includes:

  • 10 DiSC Behavioral Assessments for you and your team (additional assessments available for purchase)
  • A CultureSHOCK Team Overview to highlight the communication needs of your team
  • Leadership training for you and any leaders on your team to discuss effective communication
  • Team training for your entire staff

"Partnering with Akrinos is positioning me to achieve the highest level of success in my cold start."

Honing-in on goals and unrealized opportunities, we are becoming more efficient, profitable, and focused. Akrinos brings value in ways I couldn't even have imagined."

"Akrinos provides me with the goals I need to begin my journey, and they are professional, knowledgable, and passionate about their work."