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Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis

Quantify your practice's start-up financial requirements, forecast cash flows of the early years, and determine what is necessary to make your vision financially viable. 

localEyes Geo-Spatial Analysis

Explore local market economic trends and household spending, assess the demand for vision, medical, & specialty eye care, and identify competition across 9 zip codes in your market.

Strategic Business Plan

Organize, document and communicate your vision with your strategic business plan by Akrinos providing the comprehensive blueprints for your business and the strategic plan to power your future!


Would you like to...

  • Propel your business forward with a comprehensive blueprint to bring your vision to life?

  • Gain in-depth eyecare-relevant insights into your market and ideal customer?

  • Develop a clear strategy and implementation plan for effective business growth?

  • Make accurate financial forecasts and conduct feasibility analysis to drive informed decision-making?

  • Optimize resource allocation and maximize profitability for long-term success?

  • Achieve your business goals through strategic planning and well-informed decisions?


It all starts with Business Foundations!
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Business Foundations

Set a solid foundation for your practice with Business Foundations: Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis, localEyes Geo-Spatial Analysis, and Strategic Business Plan.

With Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis, you will:

  • Quantify your practice's financial requirements
  • Project¬†cash flows through your first 36-months
  • Evaluate and update your analysis in real-time via your "Sandbox"

Your localEyes Geo-Spatial Analysis provides: 

  • Market and competitive analysis across 9 zip codes
  • Localized demographics across 70 unique consumer segments¬†
  • LIVE .html for unlimited eye care & eyewear analytics drilldowns¬†

The Strategic Business Plan 

  • Organizes, documents, and communicates your vision
  • Provides the comprehensive blueprint¬†for your business
  • Establishes the strategic plan for impact, growth & sustainability!
Together, not only can these powerful tools help secure funding for your venture, they empower you to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, drive profitability, and achieve long-term success for your practice.
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Create a solid foundation!

Business Foundations


After checkout, you'll receive a links to our detailed questionnaires regarding your vision for your practice. Once we've received your completed questionnaire, your Business Foundations will be delivered within 5 business days.

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