Ready to Start, Grow, or Transition Your Eyecare Practice?

Missed Akrinos' first IN-PERSON event? We're headed west in September!

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Business Builder Vegas September 2024 

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Become empowered to take your practice to the next level and learn from our panel of experts about real estate, human resources, the latest data, consumer insights and more at Akrinos Business Builder.

Thinking about cold-starting or purchasing a practice?

 Ready to take your established practice to the next level?


This Business Builder is for you!

Your Business Roadmap

Collaborate to create a business roadmap that suits the individual path you're on and see your current or future business through a new lens.

Leadership & Business Sessions

Sessions from industry experts and vendor partners diving into what you really need to know to create, grow, or transition your practice.

Business Growth Collaboration

Workshop sessions and 1-on-1 networking time with industry experts, vendors, and colleagues will help pave your business' pathway to success. 

Join us for a day of collaborative sessions with like-minded colleagues and industry professionals who want to help YOU bring your vision to reality!


"Forever thankful for my professional hype man Erich Mattei who consistently nudges me out of my introverted comfort zone!" 

- Dr. Caitlin Reghetti
, attendee 

"The Akrinos, LLC Business Builder workshop event was an excellent event by Erich Mattei, who curated a program that highlighted the key components to consider when opening a cold start practice." 

- Dr. Glenda Aleman-Moheeputh
, attendee 

"Great Business Building program, Erich. You filled the room--testament to the high quality of the Akrinos, LLC program." 

- Al Greco
, attendee 

"I had so much fun learning and making new friends with some very amazing, inspiring, and supportive people at Akrinos, LLC Business Builder event" 

- Amy Zhang, OD, MS, FAAO
, attendee 

"What an amazing workshop" 

- Dr. Kerri-Ann Coombs
, attendee 

"We really enjoyed being able to connect with those making a huge impact in the optometry space. The room was filled with great energy and passion around the much needed advancement of eyecare and your energy and commitment to optometry is riveting" 

- Samreen Malik, MBA
, attendee 

Akrinos Business Builder


This event would not be possible without our incredible sponsors! We hand-picked each of them knowing their contribution to the business of eyecare is second to none, and we are thrilled and grateful for their participation and collaboration. Click their logos to learn more.

This in-person workshop will give you a solid foundation for your future...

You'll leave the workshop with:

  • A preliminary Financial Pro Forma

  • Your practice's¬†Ideal Patient Avatars¬†

  • A SWOT Analysis of your business (or future business!)

  • SMART Goals to¬†see your vision through to reality

  • Connections with like-minded colleagues and¬†industry experts

  • The CONFIDENCE to return home to¬†BUILD a successful path!