$1,699.00 USD

View and download the Statement of Work and Business Associate Agreement here: Akrinos SOW - BAA - CultureSHOCK.pdf


Enhance communication with both patients and teammates for more impactful interactions and improved patient satisfaction, teamwork, and overall practice efficiency.

What you'll get:

  • Up to 10 DiSC assessments and full reports (additional assessments available for $50 each)
  • A printable worksheet
  • Your team's responses to their "homework", ready to print and distribute
  • A copy of the Powerpoint presentation tailored for your team
  • 90-minutes LIVE with a member of Team Akrinos to walk you through DiSC and what it means for your team and your patients

Immediately after purchase, you will receive access to instructions and next steps. After completing our quick questionnaire you will receive your DiSC assessment link within 2 business days. After your team has completed their assessments and "homework", you will receive a link to schedule our time together. 

No refunds on digital products or services rendered.