$2,999.00 USD

View and download the Statement of Work and Business Associate Agreement here: Akrinos SOW - BAA - Business Foundations.pdf 


Business Foundations

Set a solid foundation for your practice with our integral products: Strategic Business Plan and Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis!

What you'll get:

  • With Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis, you will:

    • Quantify your practice's financial requirements
    • Project cash flows through your first 36-months
    • Evaluate and update your analysis in real-time via your "Sandbox"

    Your localEyes Geo-Spatial Analysis provides: 

    • Market and competitive analysis across 9 zip codes
    • Localized demographics across 70 unique consumer segments 
    • LIVE .html for unlimited eye care & eyewear analytics drilldowns 

    The Strategic Business Plan 

    • Organizes, documents, and communicates your vision
    • Provides the comprehensive blueprint for your business
    • Establishes the strategic plan for impact, growth & sustainability! 
  • A comprehensive blueprint to bring your vision to life
  • Your business's structure
  • Your practice's Mission, Vision, and Purpose
  • In-depth eyecare-related market insights
  • A detailed Financial Pro Forma which includes:
         -  Cash flow projections
         -  36-month revenue forecast
         -  Feasibility Analysis
  •  Access to your financial "sandbox"
  • 60-minute 1:1 LIVE Implementation Session

After checkout you'll gain access to the in-depth questionnaires for you to complete. You will receive your deliverable Strategic Business Plan and Financial Forecast & Feasibility Analysis within 5 business days after finishing the questionnaires.

Up to two revisions of the documents are included. No refunds will be granted after the documents have been delivered. 

What People Are Saying:

After practicing for a large multispecialty practice for 10 years it was time to step out on my own. Of course, the question is "Where do I start?" That's when I made the call Akrinos. I really felt like their step-by-step process made things easier for me. From developing a business plan, to securing financing options, to implementing those plans; Akrinos makes the process as smooth as possible. Akrinos' passion for modern eyecare is unmatched, and they take the success of their clients personally. They are truly partners in your success. -Dr. JF

Dr. JF

Akrinos provided a feasibility and cost analysis on a second location in which I was interested. That office has been operational for eighteen months and has greatly surpassed the estimates provided. I would have never stepped out and purchased a second practice without the confidence instilled by Akrinos. -Dr. JW

Dr. JW